Do You Have Prediabetes?

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84 million Americans do.  90% don’t know it.

If you are, then we have a Diabetes Prevention Program that can help you make the simple, healthy lifestyle changes that can reverse prediabetes — and help you feel better, too. See reverse for more info.

No Cost Vaccines


You might remember getting vaccines as a kid, and maybe even a couple of shots before heading away to college or military service, but reaching adulthood doesn’t mean you can or should put the little pinch of the needle completely behind you.

Here’s a list of vaccines that are covered at $0 member cost-share.

2020 Preventive Schedule

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Preventive or routine care helps us stay well or finds problems early when they are easier to treat. As a part of your health plan, you may be eligible to receive some of these preventive benefits with little to no cost-sharing when using in-network providers. Make sure you know what’s covered by your health plan.

Coronavirus Updates


The ACSHIC team is monitoring COVID-19 developments as well as working closely with healthcare providers and officials to supply members timely updates and recommendations on the situation. If you have questions please use the contact us option or call your human resources contact and refer to often for updates.

Healthcare Providers

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Our mission at ACSHIC is to make high-quality healthcare readily available, easily understandable, and truly affordable in the communities we serve.

Click the button below to visit our directory where you can find important information about each of our providers.

Community Health Magazine

Community Health is a quarterly magazine that provides education, support, and resources to assist members and retirees on their journey to improve their quality of life.  Our magazine contains information on health and wellness and also highlights the great work happening in our schools to support wellness.

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