Prescription Benefits

Prescription Benefits

Pharmacist pulling medicine off a shelf

Advantage Drug Network

In 2020, there have been some changes to your plan’s pharmacy network providers. ACSHIC currently uses the Advantage network, which is part of Highmark/Express Scripts. Effective Jan. 1, 2020, the network changed slightly, and that impacts ACSHIC members.

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Giant Eagle Specialty Pharmacy

Highmark members can fill their Specialty Medication faster than mail order at over 200 Giant Eagle Pharmacy locations.  If you are currently on a Speciality Medication, you have options on where you can fill your prescription.

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Home Delivery / Mail Order RX

Your prescription benefit offers delivery of maintenance medications – those you need on a long-term basis – right to your door, with free standard shipping. (You should use a retail pharmacy for medications you take on a short-term basis, such as antibiotics.)

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