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Your Benefits

Your Benefits

Plans, Grids, and Summaries

View and download benefit plans, grids, and summaries for members and retirees.

Healthcare Providers

List of medical coverage providers.  Includes customer support information for each provider.

Prescription Benefits

Important information about your pharmacy and prescription benefits.


Find important information regarding Medicare.

AHN Neighborhood Hospitals

Full-service hospitals with shorter wait times.

Concierge Services

Find information about concierge services available to you.

Diabetes Supplies

Learn more about Livongo for Diabetes

International Travel Coverage

Includes important information if you’re planning on traveling outside of the US.

Maternity & Family Services

Find information for expectant mothers and members of your family.

Medical Equipment

Find a complete list of medical equipment providers.

Preventive Care

Find information regarding preventive care.

Second Opinion Service

Learn more about Teladoc Medical Experts


Find more information on telemedicine benefits available to you.

Virtual Physical Therapy

A digital solution for those who are experiencing pain in the back, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, or pelvic area.

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