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COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Dear Participating School Entity,

The purpose of this correspondence is to clarify the role of the Allegheny County Schools Health Insurance Consortium (“ACSHIC”) regarding the distribution and administration of the COVID-19 vaccine to ACSHIC’s members. Please be advised that ACSHIC’s only function in the vaccine process is payment of the administrative fees associated with members’ receipt of the vaccines. ACSHIC is not responsible for the supply of the vaccine, the distribution of the vaccine to administration sites, the determination of which providers have vaccines available and when, the registration for the vaccine by individuals, or making determinations about who is eligible in the various phases of Pennsylvania’s vaccine rollout. The responsibility for management of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout lies with the Pennsylvania Department of Health and local health departments.

While we understand your frustrations during this unprecedented time and the lack of guidance regarding this matter, please understand that ACSHIC has no control over the rollout of the vaccine. ACSHIC will endeavor to communicate any guidance it receives from those governmental entities that are responsible for vaccine rollout as it is received; however, ACSHIC has no control over managing the vaccine distribution process. ACSHIC continues to waive all member cost-sharing when the vaccine is administered to members.

Additional information is available from the PA Department of Health here:

Kind regards,

David Wyatt, Chairperson

Allegheny County Schools Health Insurance Consortium

ACSHIC Information re Vaccine
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