United Concordia: COVID-19 Update

ACSHIC Employees may call UCCI Dental Customer Service at 1-866-604-8512. Our customer service representatives are available to help ACSHIC members with their dental care needs during these challenging times. Whether it’s finding a dentist, setting up a virtual dental visit, or just understanding if a particular dental procedure is essential at this time, we can […]

LytleEAP: We’re Here For You

We would like to let you know that the Lytle EAP program continues to be available to all employees and family members, and that includes any that will be temporarily furloughed.

Highmark Launches Member Reassurance Campaign

Highmark has launched a member reassurance campaign with multi-platform outreach. The campaign involves email, direct mail, phone calls and text messages starting with members who are most at risk. Highmark also created the three websites listed below to provide members with updated information.

LytleEAP: Normal Reactions to Abnormal Events

Whether or not you are directly affected by an abnormal event, it is normal to feel anxious about your own safety, to picture the event in your own mind, and to wonder how you would react in an emergency.